First digital currency issued by the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.It is based on the philosophy of cryptocurrencies and employs Blockchain technology.

It establishes its value anchored to the basket of Venezuelan commodities.

It has its own Blockchain and block explorer. This allows you to navigate and view the status of movements and transactions.

Regulated and Supervised by SUNACRIP, who provides security and legal guarantee for investment and commercial exchange in the Comprehensive Cryptoactive System.

It offers two acquisition modalities: primary market (through TCV) or secondary market (Exchange, natural or legal persons).

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How to use it?

Create the Wallet

You must enter the PetroApp platform and register, just by entering your email and a password, you already have access to the PetroApp, which is the Petro's digital wallet.

Make payments

You can use it to pay for goods and services in affiliated businesses or institutions that accept Petros, through Biopayment of BDV or any means of payment authorized by SUNACRIP.

Make Exchanges

You can use it to exchange for other cryptocurrencies or fiat money. In this case you can use the VEX or Patria platform, among other exchanges authorized by SUNACRIP.


You can use it as an investment and savings, because it is backed by Venezuelan commodities. Acquire the Petros in VEX, Patria, BDV among other exchanges authorized by SUNACRIP.


Petro as a digital currency guarantees its usability on three ways: digital wallets, payment systems and exchanges.


Crypto-financial services platform that allows users to create their own wallet in which they can invest and store their crypto assets reliably and securely.


Digital Exchange platform, integrated with PetroApp and the national banking network, in which crypto assets can be exchanged (bought-sold), easily and safely.


Platform Patria, works as an Exchange, allowing the exchange of Petros and the national banking network, it has the Petro Wallet where you can save or pay for goods and services.

Banco de Venezuela BDV

Banco de Venezuela (BDV) has its platform and facilities for the acquisition of Petros. as well as its payment channels for the exchange of goods and services using the Petros.


Device for the collection of fuel in the PDV service stations, where it allows to use the Petros available in the wallet of the Patria Platform, through the biometric authentication of the user. 


First public institution with exclusive functions to organize, plan, regulate, promote and coordinate the adoption and use of the sovereign Cryptoasset Petro, cryptocurrencies and digital assets in Venezuela.



Name Statistics Value Option
Petro PTR $56.58 To buy
Bitcoin BTC $35,982.07 To buy
Dash DASH $88.24
Litcoin LTC $107.36 To buy

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USD 56.58
CNY 357.35
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